Cosmo Cardigan - Punch Pink

Courage and Chaos Boutique ft. Paisley Raye

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Paisley Raye Cosmo Cardigan Punch Pink ShopCourageandChaos.com
Paisley Raye Cosmo Cardigan Punch Pink
Cosmo Cardigan - Punch Pink
The Paisley Raye Cosmo cardigan is a light, comfy layering piece. It features an open front (no buttons), adorably slouchy pockets, and a long sleeve. The sleeves have a beautiful ruched seam and are a good length. This cardigan does have a good amount of length in the back if you want coverage! I like to pair this combo with a Poppy or Lily. Its perfect for the transition to fall but also awesome if you need a coverup in the summer ac blast.

This piece is $48 and fits true to size!

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